My thoughts on “The Girl On The Train” by Paula Hawkins

Book Cover Challenge #1 day

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I’ve received Book Cover Challenge from শূণ্য গণি on facebook like 2 or 3 day ago or something like that. He said me to post 7 favorite book cover in 7 days but to be honest, I don’t have any favorite book. So I’ve decided to read minimum 7 book for the next 7 days & post it online. Eventually I’ve came up with an idea, how about I read 2-3 books a day and share the best one among them. So here I go, I’ve read 2 books today & her’s the best ons.

So, I just finished reading “The Girl On The Train” by Paula Hawkins and I would be more than happy to share an review

When I picked up this book, my expectations were overly high, c’mon dude it’s the top notch psychological thriller of the year, 2k15, 16, 17. And to be honest this book didn’t let me down.

I liked this book. It’s quite gripping worth devouring within a day out of two books. The best part of all, it took me nearly 75% of the book to figure it all out, “Who it was?” I’m not sure who to credit, me or Hawkins (just being sarcastic 😜). Still, it didn’t get boring, there were more revelations coming on the way like “Why did it?”.

“The Girl On The Train” by Paula Hawkins

I’ve sort out some point, thought I’m not good at reviewing books but im reviewed it anyway 😂😂

⭕Some Good Points:-

•Unexpected twists

When it comes to shocking the reader, Hawkins never left any stones unturned. I’m warning you, if you consider yourself as a smart reader who can easily guess the plot, you are gonna be challenged!

•Vivid descriptions

Hawkins’ writing style is absolutely adorable! As you read the words, you get a very clear idea of the characters’ mental state…of the atmosphere of the scene, which make you feel like you’re sitting opposite Rachel


Once the story gains momentum, and you get an idea of things…it’s really hard to resist reading it…to know what happens next…

I was so intrigued that I finished the big book in just two reading sessions!

⭕Some scope for improvement:-


Although good readers would never leave a book just because it’s “long”. Infact it’s not long to me either.

Hawkins’ is not at all quick to reveal everything to the reader and takes it very slow. So, there can be some people who would eventually give up on knowing….but please! don’t make this mistake! You’ll thank me when you finish the book 🙂

•A lot of alcohol, some other off-putting stuff too much explicit word

In order to describe the characters well, Hawkins has used a lot of alcohol vocabulary and some other socially unacceptable things which some readers might find off-putting. Of course, who would like to read about a drunk person when they actually want to lighten up their mood 😒

However, I must say the bar set by fiction, especially the psychological thrillers, is quite high and this book fails to meet that (which is obvious, “how”). Most dissatisfying of all is the character building or development. Is the best way to depict the characters of a meshed and entangled mystery is to show them as mentally unstable? I wonder. I guess it’s the popularity and pace of a psychological thriller that imparts the writer a lot of freedom with the script and to get away with it. Eventually when I was on terms with the fact that two female protagonists of the book were just mentally unstable, which is the sort of a trend, Anna’s transformation in the very end makes no sense to me. Or maybe nothing was supposed to make sense, that’s why everyone was made insane. I wish this book had showed me more than it talked. These very elements that form the veins of a fiction were found missing.

Conclusively, it’s a simple and fast read, senseless but enthralling and gripping. That’s why, I would rate it 3.7 out of 5 stars, no more no less.

And I must say this book is a MUST READ. Of course, despite the odds, the story will stay with you for life and you’ll not regret picking this book up.


Im nominating myself 😂😂😂 cause i don’t have anyone 😔

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