Remembering Point Reyes

or some reason I like Point Reyes so very much. It’s kinda special to me. I’ve been there once but that was a road trip, and I couldn’t get time to look around unfortunately. It’s been almost maybe 9-10 yrs that’s I’m outta U.S. But to time was hell of a fun. Y’all might ask, why I’m taking about this shit today. So I was scrolling through my Tumblr after a long time. Then Amelia (Hera), one of my friend send me a link of a tweet on Tumblr. This one below

I was like, “holy moly, is this some kinda joke? I love this place. I can still remember this place. I got pics, though i haven’t got time to enter into this house sadly, cause tokhon ciloy na, lol 🙁 oh I miss that :((((” But it was awesome memories. Then she laughed. I asked why, then she replied, “I’m in California now, I saw one of your tweet a lot time ago about point reyes, and that’s why I sent it to ya, I’m planning to go there” I felt bothlike kinda vibe.

Point Reyes, Northern California, US
Check exif info for more information

It was cool. Then I started searching for the photographer. ‘Cause it’s just awesome man, real life a kintu arokom na btw, but onek mojar. So then I asked Simon about it, then he told me to make a Google image search. Then I did that, and then I got it on Pinterest. And at last I got the orginal photographer on Instagram as well. My id was deactivated, so I asked one of my friends to talk to him. And she did, and he replied. Oh the name is Erik Marthaler and I sent a thak you later to her, then she forwarded it. It was like

Estimado Erik, Me encanta tu fotografía. Ese fue un hombre increíble. Tienes talento en el trasero. La iluminación, el lugar impresionante. He comprobado más de tu fotografía, también fue genial. Es genial ~Yo aquí (Tanvir Rana Rabbi)

He thanked me.

The first one I got (Date: July 31, 2018)

Then I got the one (Date: August 17, 2018)

But that’s not from that post, the. He send this to her, which is the one I’ve seen on Twitter

Photo: Erik Marthaler
Edited: Matthew Clark
Man in the frame: Donny Barnec

I miss that place, upsos valo moto dakhte parlam na, baal, akhon BD te bose hudey bal ar clg kortaci. Ami naki akhono sudo, uni te class korte parum na. Amar Ammi 😭😭😭, tumi to porba jani xd tumi r bon e to poro 😛, amaka uni te admit korte daou na, I’m matured enough Mommy 😞

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